Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is simply a way of having payments you normally receive by check sent directly to the credit union, and automatically deposited into an account of your choice. You don’t have to make a trip to our lobby to cash or deposit checks.

Almost any type of payment you receive on a regular basis can be directly deposited to your accounts.

  • Your payroll check if your employer agrees
  • Social Security
  • Civil Service
  • Military Service
  • Pension Checks
  • Retirement
  • Stocks & Savings Dividends

To sign up, you will need to contact the sender (i.e. your employer, social security, etc.) and give them your account number and the Routing and Transit number, which is 241-283-945. You can also download our Direct Deposit Form.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction can put money into your savings account, your checking account, or any other deposit account from your paycheck. You can also have your loan payments made directly from your payroll deduction. You decide what amount you want sent to the credit union and how much to each account- you can even have money deposited into accounts for your spouse or children.

With payroll deduction, you save frequent trips to the credit union. Gasoline and your time are valuable- payroll deduction can save both for you!

Early Pay

You may be eligible to post pending direct deposits to your account earlier with Early Pay! There is an $8 fee per post that must be paid from your account before you can Early Pay. Find more information and instructions on how to use Early Pay on our website.