Fee Schedule

Service Charges
Service Fee
Certified Check $5.00
Money Order $5.00
Gift Card $4.00
Check Cashing- Non Members $10.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Statement Copy $5.00
Undeliverable Mail $5.00
Early Closure of Account (within 60 days) $25.00
Bill Pay Monthly (waived with E-Docs) $3.95
Tax Levy $50.00
Garnishment $50.00
Image Copy (Available Free Online) $10.00
Close Checking Account Fee $5.00
Health Savings Account Enrollment $5.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $5.00
Reg D Violation Fee (Per Transaction) $25.00
Consumer loan fees
Service Fee
Processing Fee (Secured Loans) $200.00
Processing Fee (Unsecured Loans Over $1,000) $99.00
Late Fee (after 10 day grace period) $30.00
GAP Insurance- Auto $350.00
GAP Insurance- Cycle $375.00
Credit Life Insurance $.85/$1000 per mo.
Credit Disability Insurance $1.98/$1000 per mo.
Credit Life Insurance- Joint $1.49/$1000 per mo.
Credit Disability Insurance- Joint $3.76/$1000 per mo.
Skip-A-Payment Fee (monthly payments $100 or more) $50.00
Skip-A-Payment Fee (monthly payments under $100) $20.00
Loan Coupon Book Replacement $5.00
VSI Fee (Secured Loans) $45.00
Titling Fee (Secured Loans) $15.00
ATM/Debit card
Service Fee
Replacement Card $10.00
PIN Change (Thru Office) $5.00
Safety Deposit Boxes
Service Fee
Small Size- Annual Rental $20.00
Large Size- Annual Rental $50.00
Drilling Cost
Key Replacement $25.00
Account Research
Service Fee
Research Per Hour $25.00
Research Minimum $10.00
Account Balancing Per Hour $25.00
Account Balancing Minimum $10.00
Overdraft Protection- Linked Acct
Service Fee
Auto Transfer $5.00
Service Fee
NSF Returned Check/ACH $25.00
NSF Paid Check/ACH $25.00
Courtesy Overdraft Limit $500.00
Small NSF N/C
Small NSF Amount $10.00
Returned Deposit Item $10.00
Unauthorized ACH Return Request $20.00
Wire Transfers
Service Fee
Incoming Wire- Domestic $10.00
Outgoing Wire- Domestic $15.00
Incoming Wire- International $10.00
Outgoing Wire- International $40.00

Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union reserves the right to charge members any fee passed on to them by any other financial institution, post office or any other entity charged in the course of doing business.