Lost or Stolen Cards

If your Commodore Perry FCU ATM/Debit Card, or VISA Credit Card is lost or stolen, please notify our office immediately. If our our offices are closed, please call the following numbers:

  • ATM/Debit Card Lost/Stolen/Fraud 1-833-999-1106
  • ATM/Debit Card Increases and Travel 1-833-999-1106
  • Visa Credit Card Lost/Stolen 800-991-4964
  • Visa Credit Card Fraud 800-600-5249

For any questions, our staff is available for you!

Contact Us

All of the following phone numbers can be used to reach us by call or text message.

That’s right, you can send text messages to our landline phone numbers!

Oak Harbor Phone 419-898-3366
Port Clinton Phone 419-734-4419
Elmore Phone 419-862-0377

Need to send a fax?

Oak Harbor Fax 419-898-0065
Port Clinton Fax 419-734-9200
Elmore Fax 419-862-0382

If you would like to send us an email, you can use the contact form or send emails directly to [email protected]. You can expect a response by the next business day. Please do not use this contact form for business/service solicitations.

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