Christmas Club

Open a Christmas Club Account at any time during the year to get a head start on saving for the holidays! This account earns a slightly higher rate of interest than many of our other savings accounts to maximize your money. We offer automatic transfers and payroll deductions to make it even easier to save!

Funds you save in your Christmas Club are disbursed at the beginning of November. When you open your Christmas Club Account, you have the choice of the following disbursement methods:

  • A check made payable to the primary account holder, which will be mailed to the address we have on file with your account,
  • A direct transfer into your checking account,
  • A direct transfer into your savings account, or
  • You may elect to keep the funds in your Christmas Club for you to withdraw from as necessary.

Please note that throughout the year, we charge a minimal fee to make withdrawals from your Christmas Club Account. This is to encourage you to keep saving and to keep earning interest on the money in the account. However, after the beginning of November and until the end of the year, withdrawals from your Christmas Club are free.

Our current dividend rates for our Christmas Club accounts are available at this link.